Her name is Daisy

A one-year old blush

A flower with myriad colors

that loves plenty of sunshine

A tripping, living fragrance

She is chirpy

until she was taken away

by an innocent mask of a woman

with the promise of the sea,

of gardens and parks,

of a cap and gown

I saw Daisy on a video

Hanging upside down

Naked and with her arms

and legs drawn apart

Her body is a patchwork

of red,


and blues

She’s howling

Muffled by

a duct tape on her lips

Whipped with a belt

until her petals fell one by one

She is a child of daylight

A dream stained with hot wax

from melted candle

Poured in the middle of her thighs

and she cries and cries

One day, the police

tied the masked woman

and took the little flower away

I saw Daisy today

sitting under the sun

with thoughts – naked and

hanging upside down

the duct tape on her lips


her petals gone

her lips cry


**aguy is an expression in Tagalog which means ‘it hurts’


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