My body is a walking museum

My body is a walking museum.
My bones heavy with hands running down my spine
and when touched, it does not break

It is made up bricks and bricks of catcalling
“sluts” and “whore”
molded into walls that held my back.

These thighs are reviewed one, two, three, four, five stars
Like an open hotel, a service, a merchandise
ready to be sold
on demand
in a market

And my eyes, a call for attention they say
It speaks ‘yes’
to passerby,
to schemers,
to the libido of men,
to the sleepless sexual drive
whenever and wherever

These breasts hide in plain sight that invites
to be seek, to be fondled
seduces the neighbors conclusively
without its knowing

And the beasts of the day openly sniff these shoulders like a bee
like a mosquito ready to attack in a blood-smell
All you
daylight bullies,
cat callers,
and predators
who accuse us provocative no matter what we do or wear,

Bury me.
Bury me and see how I dig myself out of the heap of soil
Bury me
and watch as I crawl out of your verdict as an object of your egoistic desires

Bury me
and look at me fly
because these wings are too strong and
too big for your shallow opinions to bring me down

The big breathing world encircles me in its grip,
but watch me break the clutches of your mouths and bodies
for you hit like rain and it falls formless.

Watch me,
a towering blossom of a tree,
sip down these waters and grow into miraculous beauty

For this woman is breathing



and her artwork is not for your touching.


Emmy Claire and Love

Emmy Claire is punctilious when it comes to gifts and paintings. Just like how she’s punctilious when it comes to love.

Emmy Claire doesn’t fall in love with looks for like the season, it changes. She doesn’t care if your hands are too big or too small. Or too rough or too sweaty.  She won’t mind your freckles. She’ll think they make you lovely. She doesn’t really wish for hard muscular arms and six-packed abs. Because seriously, She just needs a warm soul.

Emmy won’t mind how round, almond, droopy or headed your eyes are. She’ll see through them. Even if your nose is turned-up or unsymmetrical, in anyway, she’ll still kiss them. Your lips – they may be large and full, sharp, small or uneven, oh it doesn’t bother her. It’s what comes out in them that do.

Your chest may be hairy, or your thighs too short. But do not worry, Emmy won’t look at them the same way anymore when she falls in love with you.

And the thing is, what really makes her heart swell and her soul melt is How you want to know her better everyday. To know her dreams, to discover her fears, to reach within her soul. How you love her passion, respect her opinions, and support her dreams. Somebody who makes her grow, wants her to be happy and pushes her to be better. Emmy wants somebody who’ll truly, deeply listen when they asked about her day. She finds it charming when a man won’t offer solutions when she’s having a rough time, but  will hug her instead and tell her that everything’s gonna be okay.

Emmy doesn’t need you to always be there, because she wants you to have your own life like she has hers. She doesn’t need you to give her your world because she already has her own.

Emmy won’t ask you to change. Because she believes people don’t really change. She’ll accept you for who you are, flaws, weaknesses and all. “Perfection is imperfection“. That’s what she said.

An attractively-wrapped-gift is not attractive until she sees what’s inside it. She’s extremely attentive to details. Her own definition of detail. Her eyes are not meant to see the painting itself,  it’s made to see what lies beyond it. She’s not into how the painting looks, she’s into what it’s made of. Emmy Claire is punctilious when it comes to gifts and paintings. Just like how she’s punctilious when it comes to love.

That’s how she is. And how she will always be.

A: “I’m Enough”

And the society said:

“She’s too skinny”

“She’s too fat’

“She’s so ugly”

“She’s not that pretty”

“She’s not too smart”

“She’s so ignorant”

“She’s too manly”

“She’s too girly.”

And all this time, she heard:

“Do exercise.”

“Don’t eat too much.”

“Don’t do that, do this.”

“Don’t wear that, wear this.”

“Don’t say that, say this.”

And For many years, they have put a label on her.

 The society put her her in a box sealed tightly.

The people look at her like she’s too fragile.

And all the time she felt, she’s not enough.

Well, this time I’m telling her SHE IS ENOUGH.

For she has always been enough.

She just failed to realize her worth.

But Now it’s time to turn the tables.

Girl, don’t ever criticize yourself.

You must never put yourself down.

Stop thinking what they think about you.

And ask “What do I think about myself?”

God don’t just create you when he is bored.

He creates you exactly just the way He wants you to be.

You are not “Just this” or “Just that”

Because you are “THIS” and you are “THAT.”

Respect yourself, so that others will respect you.

Love yourself, so that other people will love you as you are.

The world is full of people who goes with the rhythm of the world.

So sing your own song  and dance your own rhythm.

Go out of the box that holds you.

And this time don’t let the world tell you that you’re ‘ not this enough’ or ‘not that enough’

Because seriously, you are even more.